Some of us are were born Globe Hackers, some of us became Globe Hackers through a mysterious combination of curiosity and circumstances, while others became Globe Hackers out of necessity.


WITH A FOCUS ON PUBLIC HEALTH, COMPASSION, ROBUSTNESS, AND FAITH; WITH A GREAT APPRECIATION FOR ScienCE, RATIONALITY, logIC, CRITICAL THINKING; WHILE EMPLOYING A comprehensive analyses of complex issues by the best experts alive (+) unbiased public access to research and analyses (+) aN HONEST, comprehensive and transparent effort to educate the public on findings and analyses (+) a free and transparent democratic system allowing open public debate about the potential issues, policies and platforms that might stem from research and analyses (-) any coercive influence by profit hungry special interest groups, organizations, market systems, or governments (+) open, transparent & free democratic referendums on issues and platforms relating to research, development and analysis (=) the potential for a sustainable, healthy, global community based social system with an extended future.


The above verbal formula is a bit simple, we know, but we want to foster the awareness that imagining and engaging with simple formulas will help us develop new and better social systems. We don't have time to waste. We're facing a perfect storm of global challenges that could threaten the future survival of humanity. Each day the wanton destruction of beautiful and integral biological treasures of evolved life are being destroyed. It doesn't have to be this way.  

Considering the sum of human achievement to date, we are truly humbled. Despite the temporal nature of our world and ourselves, we are determined to live life to its fullest through the process of understanding our world and ourselves to the best of our ability. Living the good life is the discipline that compels us to do what we do.

buckminster fuller - click on the photo for more information

buckminster fuller - click on the photo for more information

We all share our spaceship earth. We have to work together as a species to maintain it and improve it.

the late, wonderful - carl sagan. click to see carl's baloney detection kit.

the late, wonderful - carl sagan. click to see carl's baloney detection kit.

A Globe Hacker Manifesto

(If “God” wrote the "code" for the Universe, then it must be humanity's duty to “hack” it.)

We are cognitive-emotional beings.

We endeavour to recognize what is sacred, important and beautiful.

We yearn to know what we must treasure.

We enjoy getting lost.

We are comfortable not knowing everything.

We like uneven ground - it helps us find our balance.

We love a challenge.

We know we're not in control of everything.

We like surprises.

We know living is full of risk.

We strive to make good decisions.

We appreciate moral philosophy.

We have an empirical, rational, and evidence based worldview.

We might like Kant too. ;-)

We believe it’s important to teach children to think critically.

We are positive skeptics.

We are autodidacts.

We are world travelers, or at least we'd like to be.

We are entrepreneurial.

We value democracy, rule of law, and well-run governmental and non-governmental institutions.

We like institutions that consider the well being of a broader range of stakeholders.

We like socially responsible business.

We appreciate well-managed businesses.

We feel businesses should manage global resources in a rational and sustainable way.


We seek a better way of valuing global resources.

We appreciate truth in advertising, marketing and public relations.

We feel the establishment of the scientific method is one of humanity's greatest achievement.

We are interested in the history of science.

We are grateful for our scientific, technological and engineering achievements.

We recognize the danger of unintended consequences.

We like the Bayes Theorem too. 

We seek to better understand the impact of our dependency on rapidly evolving, complex technology.

We seek to manage risks inherent in our dependency on technology. 

We acknowledge that human activity has a profound effect on Earth systems.

We like complex emergent systems and seek ways to better understand them.

We seek to better understand our impact on our earth's systems.

We seek to protect and preserve our environment.

We seek to protect and preserve the diversity of life on our Planet.

We like cultural diversity.

We acknowledge that we are plagued by a wide variety of cognitive biases, and forms of fallacious logic that have a profound effect on our judgment.

We believe that understanding how the mind works leads to better thought processes.

We respect global scientific consensus.

We appreciate that global scientific consensus is always evolving.

We listen to and question experts.

We hope humanity will continue to explore the natural universe for many generations to come.

We understand that basic survival skills are important.

We feel we are living in an age of great opportunity.

We argue to discover, and learn from each other.

We are hands on, and often enjoy a do-it-yourself approach.

We recognize that our ecosystem depends on an intricate and fragile balance of complex systems.

We embrace the challenge of understanding complex things and systems.

We support universal human rights.

We are humanists because we believe humans have value.

We are naturalists because we love nature.

We think religious people might be humanists too.

We seek to make the most of life.

We seek to understand our differences and celebrate our shared values.

In a deterministic universe we know that to exercise our will responsibly we need to understand how nature truly works.

We take the luxury of having choices seriously.

We aspire to make the right choices based on a solid understanding of reality.

We embrace difficult tasks.

If “The Greatest Generation” can be defined by World War, then future generation’s achievements could be defined by peaceful cooperation, mutual respect, creativity, innovation and a love of life.

We acknowledge what we don’t know.

We are not afraid to make mistakes, and we learn from our mistakes.

We are happy to admit when we are wrong.

We acknowledge that many of us appreciate stories more than evidence and facts.

We seek to present evidence, facts, and scientific theories in such a way that people will appreciate the great stories behind them.

We seek to engage people in an entertaining way.

We are not afraid to challenge our audience.

We seek to hold their attention by virtue of the quality of our content.

Quality content excites the mind and the heart.

We maintain a healthy sense of humor. 

We prefer the exercise of charm and wit to intimidation.

We appreciate irony.

We like questions as much as answers, and we seek the right questions.

We are intellectually curious and we cherish the vitality we experience when exercising our intellectual energy.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, our ability to have recognized them when they came along, and our desire to create new opportunities when we are able.

We are adventurous.

We enjoy acquiring new skills.

We strive to maintain good health, and self respect.

We strive to help others stay healthy so they can live full and active lives.

We are profoundly grateful for our existences.

We seek to achieve incremental improvements across many domains of inquiry and activities.

We work hard to improve the ideals of our wisest ancestors.

We are constantly learning about our history.

If great achievements can come from “The Cold War”, a war in which “Mutually Assured Destruction” was understood and hardly noticed, then great achievements can also result from the effects of global climate change.

People who do what is obviously right inspire us.

Ideals and a desire to make things better is its own incentive.

We believe that a better alignment of social-economic incentives can be achieved.

We learn from history's lessons.

We seek to improve civil rights and justice.

We believe it is unwise to waste the potential of even one human mind.

We pursue life-long education

We seek foster better, more transparent and democratic systems of efficient government through international cooperation and understanding across cultures.

We know that the exercise of soft power is better than war.

We strive to maintain peaceful relationships.

We enjoy mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to personal growth.

We are not afraid to reinvent our world.

We strive to be antifragile

We make these statements with abiding, and sincere humility.


If you want to improve our world, start by changing the narrative.

We invite our community to critique, add to and elaborate upon these statements.

Do you agree with some of the above statements? Please let us know.