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 International Healthcare And Medical Insurance Programs

International Healthcare And Medical Insurance Programs

Medical insurance without all the confusion. If you are a person of the world Protexplan is for you. Medical Insurance Without Boundaries

We can improve our health simply by removing from our experience those things we know are not good for us. "The harmful effects of smoking are roughly equivalent to the combined good ones of every medical intervention developed since the war (WWII)... Getting rid of smoking provides more benefit than being able to cure people of every possible type of cancer." Druin Burch, author of,  "Taking The Medicine".

"The Invention of Illness"                                                         "What's The Difference Between Life and Death"

"The good is mostly in the absence of bad." Ennius 

"Joyful mood, rest, and (sometimes) scant nourishment." Salerno School of Medicine

"If all the medication were dumped in the sea it would be better for mankind and worse for the fishes."  Oliver Wendell Holmes. Sr

Insure yourself for conditions that truly threaten your health. Enjoy yourself and enjoy life by being active and by avoiding situations that make you unhappy. Take your insurance everywhere. 

EIGHT FIVE TWO are Hong Kong’s local color grading specialists. We have the skills, experience, and tools, including DaVinci Resolve, to make sure your video production begins and ends with amazing color.

EIGHT FIVE TWO works with advertising agencies, PR firms, video editors, camera crews and independent producers. Anyone working with a professional video image can benefit from our color finishing skills.

 color correction and post production specialists who are good at production too. 

color correction and post production specialists who are good at production too. 

What can Globe Hackers Multimedia do for you at locations around the world where you are growing your business and influence? Let us know.

 West Marine has memberships for loyal customers that provides savings everyday. 

West Marine has memberships for loyal customers that provides savings everyday. 


   Henson & Co., Ltd. Luxury Leather Apparel

Hanson Ltd., founded in 1974, is a leading manufacturer of luxury leather apparel in Hong Kong. We are committed to engineer and deliver our products with care, expertise and precision. 

We specialize in innovative research and development. We are well connected with raw material suppliers around the globe. All of our products are handcrafted exclusively by our wholly owned factory in China.

Design & Manufacturing

  • For creative designers – we offer sample development service to bring your design from sketch to prototype, uniquely yours. 

  • For multi-product shop buyers – we invite you to select from our in-house collection to compliment your range of merchandise.

Fill out the contact form at for more information about Hanson Ltd. We would be most delighted to share with you our love of quality leather apparel and accessories. 


Men's and Women's Lambskin Jackets, Suede Jackets, Shearling Jackets, Melton Leather Varsity Jackets

Let us know if you are interested in having The Muse Films Co. Ltd., or Globe Hackers Multimedia produce video, or multimedia content for you. We have a huge database of talent and lots of resources worldwide, and would be thrilled to collaborate with you. 

Directory of Photography - Shaun Lawless Produced by Lemonade Films and The Embassy VFX

Chef's Choice Hong Kong

With shops in Discovery Bay and Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong