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Flying out of HKIA

Flying out of HKIA

The first step is getting there, that's the easy part when you are simply flying from point "A" to point "B".  Once you have arrived at the boat yard the work begins. Ventenar was on-the-dry for most of 2013 after having explored the Bahamas. Before heading out we had to make sure everything was ship-shape, and that any improvements on the boat could get done before departure. And of course, everything from top to bottom had to be cleaned, swabbed and parts painted.

After multiple trips to this hardware store, marine supplies store, carpenter's shop, and visits by other service providers, and mechanics, things started to take shape. You eat, work on the boat, and once in a while go out on the town. All in excited anticipation of the journey to come.


Steven Cleghorn

Steven is an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur and film producer from America who has been traveling since he was a zygote. He's a producer at The Muse Films Ltd. in Hong Kong and a constantly improving (hopefully) Globe Hacker. He's seeks the company of interesting minds.