The Netherworld Oligarchy – Who is Your Government Really Serving?

We're very pleased and honored to have a new contributor at the Globe Hackers blog, Ethan Indigo Smith. You can find his Bio here on our Cast & Crew page. Ethan is a prolific writer with a unique voice and a flair for ferreting out aspects of our culture that need some clarity of thought and some hard work. 

I'm taking the liberty to include some video from YouTube regarding Oligarchical Collectivism to give you some background. The series is scary really. It's so contemporary. <Parts 1-8 >

Ignorance is Strength! Freedom is Slavery! War is Peace!

You can find a transcript of the book within a book at Newspeak Dictionary.

If you're not already a George Orwell fan I hope this inspires you to take a look at his illustrious body of work If ever we were living in Orwellian times it's now. We're bombarded with NEW SPEAK everyday from every screen in our possession. As Captain Benjamin L. Willard said in the iconic Francis Ford Coppola film, "Apocalypse Now" : "The shit piles up so fast in Vietnam you'd need wings to keep above it." 

Steven Cleghorn November, 14 2014

CAPTAIN Willard with that dazed "WTF" look on his face.&nbsp;

CAPTAIN Willard with that dazed "WTF" look on his face. 

First published at Wake Up World on 31st October 2014.

The Netherworld Oligarchy – Who is Your Government Really Serving?

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Before serving your country, first learn who your government is serving.

The New World Order is exactly that – it is the same old ‘order’ in the new world. The new world is still contracted to the same old formulation of regimentation, which is achieved by the same violent means of enforced order and patriarchal authority, the same old formulation of the status quo, and the same old oligarchy, instituted in the new petrolithic and nuclear age by the progressive merging of commerce and state.

The only difference now is that there are “new and improved” modes and destructive war, resource and media technologies being used to enforce the rule of the oligarchy. There are new tools and new names. The ‘order’ is packaged in a new sleek design, with new bells and whistles, but at its core, it is the same war-minded pyramid system, controlled by those the system benefits the most. Those “authorities” at the top of the pyramid claim to act for the betterment of mankind, and yet they always seem to get the better of mankind.

Historically speaking, the forced imposition of beneficial authority is as it always was. It is text book oligarchical collectivism; the same formulation of authority used by Empires and Emperors for millennia before us, playing out in a rapidly degrading economic, political and environmental setting, It bears little difference to those societies that have risen and duly fallen before us.

The ‘New World’ Environment

Welcome to the ‘new world’. And with that, welcome to your ‘new world’ environment, one that is poisoned and depleted by the petrolithic and nuclear industries of the oligarchy. And not just poisoned but radiated, measurably changing the quality of our environment for countless generations yet to come, as radiation and chemical pollution levels increase worldwide.

When it comes to humanity’s sustainability, the ‘new world’ is a veritable netherworld. The conditions, confines and consequences of petrolithic era and nuclear age are now layered into every strata of the Earth, its system and its inhabitants. Governed by power/profit-seeking oligarchy, we seem destined for a world of polluted and bereft expanse after expanse, land scoured and mined, water poisoned and air thick with institutional excrement – the scars of over consumption – the consequence of an irrational intent to build ever-growing commercial systems without regard for future ramifications, and of institutional outcomes being prioritised over the rights and needs of living breathing individuals and the planet we call home. And while the netherworld oligarchies profit from environmental exploitation, increased institutionalization and commercial monopolization, a culture of unquestioning acceptance is perpetuated in the name of patriotism by concealing critical information and delivering mis-information via the “news” media they own and regulate.

Thus, amid this theater of democracy, it has become the “norm” in the petrolithic era and nuclear age for large scale commercial enterprises to be initiated without due consideration of consequences. Corrupted commercial regulatory bodies have become veils to the oligarchy, rubber stamping their approval for profitable and dangerous practices in industries as broad as food & agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy, media and mining – as long as they help to achieve their ends. This is clearly evidenced by the rotating cast of oligarchs who regularly and strategically interchange between roles as commercial decision-makers and government regulators (see images).

These conditions have facilitated what is undoubtedly the biggest, most deceptive ‘doublethink’ dynamic there might ever have been — that of global warming. While governments continue to push the manifesto of Agenda 21, the public debate on global warming is, in and of itself, ridiculous. There is no denying humanity needs to change its destructive ways, but that extends far beyond environmental destruction to our collective intellectual decay. For as long as we allow our thoughts and conversation to be steered by the fictions of institutional news/media, we can only be digging our way deeper into the netherworld of the oligarchy.

Our corrupted institutions and the institutionalized alike have brought us to this existence, and to accept this existence, ever on the precipice of our own demise. And yet, in control of the ever-pervasive media, they steer the dynamic of what people talk about, and how they think, to their profit and advantage.

In a community that is led by the wealthy for the wealthy, this continuation of the status quo comes at the direct cost of individuals and their basic rights to freedom, peace, and unimpeded access to the planet’s natural resources – all of which are treated as commodities. We are led to believe our personal freedoms and livelihood depend on adhering to the status quo, without which the rights and richness of our natural world cannot be accessed.

But that is part of the illusion that keeps us playing ball. We know we are heading down a dangerous path, and there is no new planet to move on to, no new island to start fresh on once we learn just how dangerous. So in reality, our livelihood, wellbeing and indeed our future existence depends on stopping the status quo and choosing a new path – fast.

The ‘New World’ Hierarchy

Institutions are made up of individuals, but they do not act as individuals nor on behalf of individuals. Rather they act as portions of the institution, for the purpose of the institution, in the direction determined by institutional heads, no matter the personal or collective expense (after all, we’re all replaceable, right?)

Institutionalized individuals are capable of switching their institutional jargon and actions on and off, as if machines. When speaking to a reporter, one is sometimes off and other times on the record, depending on whether they are telling the truth or “The Truth ®“. When speaking to different groups, the institutionalized individual is capable of spinning different tunes, and at times, different truths – all in the name of progressing the institution.

In our heavily formalized society, we have been led to forget that institutions are empowered by people, and dependent on the cooperation of individuals. Through commercial, government and media trickery, institutions have instilled a collectivist culture that simultaneously steers individuals to execute the institutional agenda while steering them away from critically understanding and assessing it — or doing anything to change it.

Why do institutions exist if not for people? The idea of working collectively is to mutually benefit the people, whose combined potential should exceed the capability of the lone individual. If institutions today were half as dedicated to the betterment of mankind, as most of them claim to be, there would be more acts of kindness and less need for activism.

Isn't it time we reclaim our institutions and our natural place in the hierarchy?


Steven Cleghorn

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