Thinking The Way Humans Do: Nature vs. Nurture / Parenting & Our Connectome

Human Connectome 

Human Connectome 

I'm interested in why people think what they think and in how people think. Recently I've read and heard new information along the "nature vs. nurture paradigm". You know what I'm talking about. Are we conditioned to think in a particular way? Is most of our style of thinking determined by our genes? Are we born with certain propensities and our circumstances either amplify or diminish our abilities? I think it's undoubtedly a combination of all that and more. 

Recently I listened to two of my favorite podcasts that had me thinking and googling again topics concerning the mystery of differences in human thought. 

Rationally Speaking Podcast: RS144 - Bryan Caplan on "Does parenting matter?"

"Does Parenting Matter" brings these questions to light in the context of parenting. What are the long-term effects of parental manipulations of children's lives? Will all the work and time spent on our children's education and activities equal a happy, successful, healthy adult? One takeaway for me was the thought that discipline, motivation, conditioning are always contextual and have a temporary effect. As long as you are in a peer group that expresses certain things, as long as you are with your parents and they are actively guiding your choices and behaviors there will be a significant effect. When those conditions are no longer present a person's behavior and beliefs will revert back to an inherent mean. We are our parents children after all. And, we are all influenced by our peers.

I've been interested in this topic for a long time and we're learning more and more about nature vs. nurture every day. I would encourage you to listen to the podcasts. They are particularly interesting. 

I'm looking forward to reading Bryan Caplan's:

Click the image for link to Amazon.

Click the image for link to Amazon.

In his best-selling book The Myth of the Rational Voter (2007) George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan demythologized the notion that American voters know what they are doing when they step into the ballot booth.

Parenting guru Bryan Caplan prescribes less fuss – and more fun

Economist Bryan Caplan argues that nurture counts for so little that parents can 'cut themselves a lot of slack'

The Economics and Genetics of Parenting: A Guest Post by Bryan Caplan

Next we'll explore the implications of brain connections. 

At this podcast, Steven Novella from The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe initiates a fascinating discussion regarding, "The Connectome Project".

Latest Podcast: Episode #534 – 10/03/2015 

They explore implications of causality a bit more. They also talk to Andy Weir the author of the online novel, "The Martian". Enjoy it!



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