What Can A Technologist Do About Climate Change - a must read!

Planet Beautiful

Planet Beautiful

I really hope everyone will read this.

What A Technologist Can Do About Climate Change (A Personal View) by Bret Victor

We indeed dump carbon into the atmosphere at an amazing rate and we are causing change. 

We have solutions all around us, but we need the social and political will to coordinate efforts across domains to implement solutions that will mitigate and possibly even reverse the damage. 

The science, engineering and technology sectors need to increase their efforts and attack this problem now. Leaders need to get behind these efforts. We need a global push. 

There is no magic bullet. We need a carefully integrated, coordinated and comprehensive bundle of solutions.

The information on this web page, along with its hyperlinks, addresses how we might do this and touches on all the important aspects of the problem and its solutions. 

This web page is an amazing resource. Please study it and share it with everyone you know. 



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