We Are Living. We Are Able. This Is Not Doom and Gloom.

Globe Hackers is changing tack, but before we start anew we’d like to share again an article on the dreaded, uncomfortable subject of climate change. Perhaps we’ve been too polemical at times but our focus was never doom and gloom. We have always been too curious to worry too much about how things will end.

What happens after the sunset?

What happens after the sunset?

We want to focus on all the wonderful things there are to learn and the fabulous things we wish to create. We want to share amazing experiences that transformed our lives and plan new ones. We believe that finding solutions to challenges is fulfilling, life-affirming and enjoyable. We want to see people focusing on their avocations and vocations within a loving community where their curiosity and sincere quest for understanding and truth is never curtailed.

We understand the need for hope. We also feel that we must face reality with an open mind and heart.

With these things in mind we highly recommend reading the following article carefully. Think about what it's saying even if it relays information that’s hard to hear and even if you don't agree with its prognosis. And please, share it with your friends.

The Uninhabitable Earth

Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.

By David Wallace-Wells


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The Uninhabitable Earth, Annotated Edition

The facts, research, and science behind the climate-change article that explored our planet’s worst-case scenarios.

By David Wallace-Wells

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We are living in a time of abundance and relative peace. We know we still have a lot to learn. As a whole, we are clever but not wise. We are dependent on all living things and yet we barely notice it. We have agency that we don’t use. We are all, to some degree, responsible for how things are although we rarely acknowledge this without blaming or shaming.

We hope all of us can continue this great adventure knowing there is a lot of work to be done and knowing we can always do better.

Globe Hackers wants to celebrate the greatest period of bread and circus human civilization has ever known. Not only the past two hundred years or so when things really took off but in the present moment where we can hardly fathom what’s next.

If there is something that needs fixing, for Life’s sake, let’s try to fix it. If we fail, at least we had a fantastic time trying to make things better.

For the foreseeable future, Globe Hackers is dedicated to bringing you, “Bread and Circus in the Anthropocene”.

More on that later.


Steven Cleghorn

Steven is an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur and film producer from America who has been traveling since he was a zygote. He's a producer at The Muse Films Ltd. in Hong Kong and a constantly improving (hopefully) Globe Hacker. He's seeks the company of interesting minds.