Who Should We Pay Attention To?

pay attention to the living

The mainstream news media is concerned with people fighting for money, power and attention. Alternative media is concerned with how and why people are fighting for money, power and attention. Social critics, educators, philosophers, engineers, scientists and various kinds of creators are concerned with exploring and articulating possible worlds where people aren't concerned with fighting for money, power and attention.

People do not know what "democracy" is, they have never experienced anything democratic. People do not know what "free agency" means, and most have never explored concepts of "free will." People are emotional and reactionary — rarely are they creative and progressive. Young people are generally emotional, reactionary, and prone to take more risks. The wealthy and powerful use their emotions to make money.

The police become the enemy when a particularly egregious insult finally ignites people's wrath. Anger usually arises after people have been meek followers contented with bread and circuses for so long that they have not been paying attention to the machinations and abuses of the ruling class. The potential for police departments to become fascist tools of the ruling class lies dormant, waiting for violence to unleash their lethal, anti-social potential.

Our social-economic system is pathological. Most people can not perceive this because to do so would be to acknowledge that one is part of the disease. People set the streets alight at night and beat each other in streetfights; during the day, people shop blissfully at the mall, play computer games, and work for corporations that dictate how they may live their lives. We do this for money, of course. We are conditioned for this.

Human beings in such circumstances resemble mindless zombies with a voracious appetite for bread and circuses.

All living beings exist in a symbiotic relationship with their environment. For human beings, a very social species, relationships are quite complicated, and the price of living in harmony with nature is high, although it may not seem so when we can extract so much material wealth and utility from nature. The cost of mindlessness for society is the blood of victims of war. The price for global, industrial consumerism is extinction. We can not avoid paying the price; nature always collects. To understand this, study the laws of thermal dynamics.

The cost of carbon emissions in our pseudo-civilization is extinction. Human society has not known civilization yet, although one might argue that we have been moving in that direction.

Revolution comes around to war, and war equals violence. History tells us this again and again. If one is willing to kill and be killed, then go ahead, surrender to the system — pay the price.

One's consciousness must take many things into account if one is to develop the creativity to move beyond these cycles.

Homo Sapiens live and die. A zombie is a virus, though not a living one, mindlessly consuming itself like a soulless machine.

It is time to resuscitate. It is time to put the soul back into the mind.



First, define what you are trying to achieve.

First, define what you are trying to achieve.