You Really Need To Know About Global Dimming And The Aerosol Effect

Don’t you want to know what climate change is, what causes it, and how it will affect human civilization in the coming years? The climate has been more or less ideal for Homo Sapiens civilization efforts for a long time now, over ten thousand years in fact. Our civilization depends on our habitat, and climate has a lot to do with that. If the climate changes too fast, global culture is in big trouble. What will we need to do to maintain our current way of life? Is it even possible to sustain economic growth based on consumerism when the ability to grow grains at scale no longer exists, when water tables are dangerously depleted and when the web of life that supports the food web upon which we depend is devastated? We need to prepare for these changes. It must be a global effort, and it must start now.

Actually, it should have started thirty years ago, but we were distracted. In fact, we are still dangerously distracted. Is that a good thing? Maybe it’s somehow psychologically beneficial to be oblivious to what’s coming. Don’t worry, be happy, right?


Please take a few moments and educate yourself about the aerosol effect and global dimming. If this doesn’t inspire a sense of urgency regarding our efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change, nothing will. Honestly, this is something you need to know about.


Skeptical Science is the best website to monitor the debate with climate science deniers.

What are aerosols?

Aerosols are atmospheric particles, which have an overall cooling influence on climate by reflecting sunlight back into space. They also have an indirect effect by making clouds brighter; this further increases the reflection of sunlight back into space. Sources of human-generated aerosols include the use of fossil fuels and burning of vegetation.

Although human sources of aerosols are broadly similar to those of carbon dioxide, there is an important difference. (

Devil’s Bargain: Why Aerosols Pose a Deadly Climate Change Threat

We already have planet-cooling technology – the problem is, it’s killing us – by Eric Holthaus at (

Below is some potentially good news about the cooling effect of aerosols.

Bjorn B. StevensTo What Extent Do Aerosol Particles in the Atmosphere Mask the Effects of Greenhouse Gases?

Finally, life wouldn’t be as entertaining without an alarmist video on the subject.

The climate is an extremely complex system. We live in a sophisticated civilization that has a profound effect on our environment. It doesn't matter where you are from or how you live; everything we do has an impact on the earth's various systems. It's good to think about that sometimes.

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