If You Can't Criticize Your Government You Aren't Free


I had to post this segment of The Jimmy Dore show because its main point is absolutely on the mark. Representatives are supposed to criticize the government. If you live in a government without representatives who are critical of the government, you are living in a dictatorship.

A few quick takeaways off the tops of my head:

  1. Rand Paul is a hypocrite who takes Ayn Rand too seriously

  2. People in the USA don't now history

  3. Americans are very easily manipulated

  4. The vast majority of people in the USA are immigrants (define immigrants)

  5. California was part of Mexico before it was taken by the United States

  6. The United States hasn't done working people any favors for decades

  7. They mentioned a lot of excellent books that every American should read

I could go on with the list; the segment is full of insight from beginning to end. I have to add that it's disappointing that so many people in the United States are militantly, and stubbornly willfully-ignorant. People in the United States are infected by an ideology that they don't understand. The problem is how to develop an intellectually curious and active society again.

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Steven Cleghorn

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