Understand The Contradictions


I know "white" men in Hong Kong who are racist (although they pretend not to know it) and misogynistic (although they would deny it). They would feel much better in a "white" country, although, ironically, they livein an Asian country. They believe that the only thing a woman is good for is cheating on their wives. Some of these men don't work; their wives support them. There is a contradiction there, no?

U.S. candidates for President talk about saving capitalism by paying people a universal, basic income while ignoring structural issues that produced inequality, underemployment, and poverty. They can't see the contradictions within their non-solutions.

Below is an excerpt from Niall Ferguson's book, "The War Of The World – History's Age of Hatred."

This list is from a Nazi handbook for young couples produced in 1933.

1. Remember that you are German.

2. If of sound stock, do not remain unwed.

3. Keep your body pure.

4. Keep spirit and soul pure.

5. As a German, choose someone of German or Nordic blood for your partner.

6. When choosing your spouse, look into their lineage.

7. Health is a precondition of external beauty.

8. Marry only out of love.

9. Seek not a playmate but a partner in marriage.

10. Wish for as many children as possible

The Nazis knew that they would be needing cannon fodder and they also needed an enemy they could focus on and rob. They found that in their highly integrated Jewish community. You know what followed.

What do you suppose “pure” meant to the authors of the handbook? Search your spirit and soul and leave your answer in the comment section below.

Ferguson's book is far from perfect, but it's a fascinating read and worth your time, in my opinion. The shocking thing about reading a history book like this now is how many aspects of the cultures it describes are echoed in today's extremist rhetoric.

If you don’t read the book, please read this review of the book by Nicholas Humphrey: Killer Instinct: a Review of Niall Ferguson's "World of War: History's Century of Hatred".

And from Nazis handbooks on marriage, I'd like to jump ahead to our present-day Alt-Right. Please watch the video below about why some women are spokespeople for the Alt-Right.

Today we'll be discussing the women of the alt right, specifically focusing on their rhetoric and recruiting strategies. We'll shine a spotlight on prominent women in the movement, including Lana Lokteff, Ayla Stewart, Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern (although I guess Lauren officially quit as I was editing this vid...lets hope it sticks.)

Did you understand the contradictions she describes in the video? I hope you did. Either these women are simply opportunists entertaining a niche market, or they are very conflicted. At the very least their logic is tragically flawed.

The next video talks about the flawed logic of our leaders who are dead set on ignoring structural issues in favor of tired tropes of the past. They are ineffectual, and nothing but mass action will discourage them from the delusion that they are fit to lead. As you watch, please be mindful of the contradictions the commentators are pointing out.

Ben Burgis debunks the argument that education alone is the best anti-poverty program.

Education may not be a panacea, but it would greatly help society if voters educated themselves.

Be always mindful of contradictions.


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