Setting Sail 2015

Alex with school children in Haiti 2014

Alex with school children in Haiti 2014

An Alexandra Deegan Dispatch

As you well know Mr. Cleghorn, I'm fully occupied with first mate duties on SV Ventenar for our ‘Windies’ 2.0 adventure. We did our test sail Monday 5th… punching out through big foaming, white forth and turquoise rollers was quite a rush, getting past the lagoon reef entrance and into the badass sea proper… 

Despite the hassles of being docked here at Marina ZarPar (The Belize FP43 was burgled during August 2014)…. we’re almost set fair for the off now, with most of what was pilfered finally repaired/replaced. Puerto Rico beckons, after which it will be the BVIs and then the Leeward & Windward isle chains all the way down to good ole Trinny (Trinidad) for the finish, if all remains set fair.

On my time off I’ve been catching up with my reading list, most recently finishing David Cordingly’s brilliant book ‘Women Sailors & Sailors’ Women’ a chapter of which was devoted solely to the exploits of one very nauti RN officer…  Augustus Hervey. (His life story would make a terrific movie, perhaps yeah/me should explore this SG?!?)

‘Columbus – The Four Voyages’ by Laurence Bergreen I’ve just started, and it is a very apt tome for where we will be shortly sailing toward, and where I was sailing through, especially CUBA this time last year.

I’ll finish with an apt quote from ‘Ratty’…for those of us with hearts-of-oak and sea salt pumping thoroughly through our veins… “There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats….”


I hope our wakes cross sometime soon and sail safe wherever you venture in 2015.

For us it’s time to hoist the ‘Blue Peter’….

Fair winds


Alexandra Deegan

Alexandra is a dyslexic polymath and her personality type is best summed up by this phrase: Does it work? During 2013 "Deegs" worked as an avionics tech-head on the ETRAC part of the A350 XWB launch for UTC/Goodrich. In her more distant past she's been a creative director for various blue-chip agencies including Omnicom Group Inc. Currently, time-wise, Alexandra is fully qualified RYA mariner delivering sail yachts internationally as a hobby. She crewed on "Ventenar" from December 2013 to March 2014 contributing her wit and skills to the budding Globe Hacker founders. "Thought is wind, knowledge the sail, and humankind the vessel." Alexandra Deegan (quotes are us). Some of her other quips, admonitions and anecdotal lessons are better shared in the jovial safety of seasoned Globe Hackers.