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Clips and photos from our cruise in the Caribbean in 2014.

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Starting in January 2016 we'll be producing comprehensive content about the Windward Leeward Islands stretching from The Dominican Republic to Trinidad. Keep an eye on our blog, and destination guide links for more information regarding all aspects of our journey from planning, to production, to completed videos delving into the charm, wondrous nature, and people we'll encounter during the cruise.

Skipper Alex Routh's catamaran Ventenar was on the dry at Robbie's Full Service Marina on Stock Island in Key West Florida in 2013. It's important to shelter your cherished vessel in a safe place during the hurricane season. Robbie's Boat Yard is a  down to earth marina with good services and facilities. I wouldn't call it Five Star, but it's more than adequate. The boat was safe there off season. Robbie's Boat Yard has ample services and craftspeople on premises and in the area to help you with improvements and repairs. We'd highly recommend it to Globe Hackers and cruisers who don't mind foregoing a country club atmosphere.

We'd like to thank the people who live and work there for the nice 2013 Christmas party.

Sato-san from "Umineko", a truly ocean worthy 43' Cat, threw a fun Karaoke party at Marina Hemingway for fellow sailors. Click the arrows to see more photos.

Here we have a few shots cruising on Ventenar in the Caribbean. Life at sea can be hours of tranquility followed by fifteen minutes of frantic activity, fear, and panic. Thankfully this passage was relaxing and we had some time to fish, read, listen to music, our favorite podcasts, relax and chat.

Enjoying a dingy ride in key west at Robbie's Boat Yard.

Scenes from an exciting passage from Isla de Juventud to George Town, Grand Cayman.

Giant Groupers are gentle and majestic fish, and in the Dry Tortugas National Park they are not shy. It's wonderful to have such amazing and beautiful visitors under your boat.