James likes people to call him Jimbo, it keeps things informal, helps with his likability. He's a winner, was raised to be a winner, to compete, to triumph over the adversity of being born wealthy and entitled. He's a fiscal conservative and a social middle of the road Republican who hasn't lived in America for 30 years. He's a kind of business diplomat committed to "long term relationships built on trust" while maintaining the astonishing reputation of American Business. He's a proud serial entrepreneur, a friend of failure, a man with ideas, great ideas of course, a lot of great ideas, and strategies, and profoundly innovative thoughts and opinions - most of them hopelessly flawed. 

Daniel Brosnofsky is his right-hand-manager-man who's got Jimbo's back. In more ways than 360 degrees. Daniel just sold his stake in his third tech company for an obscene amount of money and was looking to take some time off and do something different. He toyed with the idea of going to Shanghai to see if he might get lucky with the ladies, but after having met Jimbo at a paragliding meet in California he decided to go to Hong Kong instead for some much needed comic relief. Daniel knows the value of laughter and reckons if he can laugh enough he might live long enough for some of those Ray Kurzweil immortality technologies to mature. Not that he believes any of it, but the idea of a long life with little to impinge on one's health is too wonderful to ignore. 

Rosalba de los Jardines de Elegante Razonamiento is Jimbo's assistant from Spain (who graduated from Yale of course).  Jimbo is fond of saying that she's the most mysterious woman he's ever met. He usually can't understand a word she's saying (she has a heavy Castilian accent), but the way she says everything just seems to hold a great deal of gravitas and emotional strength. She can be quite sweet too on occasion. No one knows why she's working with Jimbo. Hopefully someday we'll find out. 

Each short episode illustrates cognitive biases in the context of everyday life. Each short episode will guide you towards The Art of Thinking Clearly. 

Illusions, delusions, cognitive dissonance, cognitive biases, logical fallacies, wishful thinking, magical thinking, groupthink, and just plain flawed reasoning make the world go around. But what happens when the people in your life can help you correct yourself? As Jimbo gradually matures into a better thinker, taking the piss never felt so good.  

Jimbo The Biased Boss relaxing before a long night of networking.

Jimbo The Biased Boss relaxing before a long night of networking.