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Globe Hackers produce shows that resonate with our audience and represent the best values of our partners and sponsors. We feature individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions that are socially responsible and committed to innovative projects that will ensure our future is better than today.

Tell us what you want to see. Let us know the kind of content that's important to you. We are always open to ideas. We aim to educate, entertain and inspire.


Globe Hackers Multimedia Ltd. is looking for partners and contributors.

We're looking for contributors, videomakers, filmmakers, artists, writers, bloggers - creative people of all kinds who are dedicated to their work, their communities and share similar values with the Globe Hackers Manifesto. We want to become the platform of choice for people who want to see the world become a better place and who have hope that our species can exist on this great Earth for many generations to come.

Please contact us so we can share ideas, resources, hopes and dreams. Today we have the tools that make us all the center of our own Universe on the Web, but we can't truly succeed, or have a happy and healthy life without each other. There's nothing better than creating something beautiful with a committed team of people engaged in a dynamic relationship with each other. 

We would be so thankful to hear from you. 

Current Project


Bread & Circus in the Anthropocene starts off as a Web Series about human passions in an era of unprecedented abundance. It’s about what makes us want to get up in the morning and get on with life, and most importantly, it’s about what we love most within the context of humanities great twenty first century challenges.



food from every perspective

Through casual conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and communities around the world, our hosts explore humanities obsession with food & entertainment.


The first three episodes will explore our love of sports following our hosts in Japan, Hong Kong, and Portugal.


The ongoing series will continue exploring our various cultural obsessions in locations around the world.

Regular hosts will talk with willing experts and enthusiasts about food, culture and entertainment a relaxed, uncensored and humorous style.


Think of Anthony Bourdain, Lisa Ling, The Infinite Monkey Cage - with a tinge of Mad Magazine and Joe Rogan.

An evolving business aimed at its core and dedicated to long term expansion


Bread & Circus in the Anthropocene is inviting while being dedicated to its core audience.

At first, we plan to distribute digitally (YouTube, Vimeo, and social media platforms) to build momentum while allowing the structure of the production and its unique group of talent to evolve while quickly establishing its main configuration. Later we plan to explore arrangements with larger media outlets: NETFLIX, Amazon Prime and other digital syndication avenues.

TRAILER IS COMING SOON. Watch this space.

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Please tell us your story. Share your video here. Let people know how you are contributing to making our world a better place. 

Tell us the challenges you face. Let us help you find a team of people who can help you overcome all obstacles.