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Please contact us so we can share ideas, resources, hopes and dreams. Today we have the tools that make us all the center of our own Universe on the Web, but we can't truly succeed, or have a happy and healthy life without each other. There's nothing better than creating something beautiful with a committed team of people engaged in a dynamic relationship with each other. 

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Occupy Hong Kong student protests 2014.

What Why How

Interviews with world visionaries focused on solutions.

People with broad perspectives, a good understanding of history, and concern for future generations.

What Why How are three questions that aren't as simple as they seem.

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

How are you going to get there?

All About Cats

Everything you need to know about Catamarans  -



A definitive guide to cruising catamarans.


Destination VOX POPS

Interviews with people at our destinations.

Gauging the mood of people across the Globe.

Please tell us your story. Share your video here. Let people know how you are contributing to making our world a better place. 

Tell us the challenges you face. Let us help you find a team of people who can help you overcome all obstacles. 

Lifecycle FOOD!

Our cultural relationship with food 

Acquisition - How & Where we get the ingredients for delicious meals.

Processing  -  Don't confuse this segment with "Processed Foods".

Preparation - prepping the ingredients, recipes and techniques.

Sharing - The best part of a meal is sharing it with people you love.


We'll visit suppliers and producers to learn as much as we can about the products they produce and sell.

We'll follow the food we love through its complete lifecycle: Exposing the truth about the food we eat while looking towards a future where no one goes hungry.

We'll explore solutions to challenges we face in food production, learning best practices from producers, suppliers, delivery systems, logistics, retail all the way to your kitchen and your meal.

Hackers Diary

We're looking for likeminded bloggers to contribute to the Globe Hackers blog. If like where we're going with this please contact us and let's get to know each other.

We're also looking for original content from producers, filmmakers and photographers. 

Let's explore solutions together and help make our world a better place for all living things.