Pig on your knee, safe at sea

Traditionally sailors would get a pig tattooed on their knee.  The superstition was that it kept them safe through rough weather or other hazards at sea.  Apparently pigs are known for surviving shipwrecks because they swim!

Swimming pigs, you say?  Pigs’ snouts are surprisingly flexible, which make them uniquely suited for swimming. When they swim they simply lift their noses out of the water like little periscopes.

The world’s most famous piscine porkers are the Bahamas’ Exumas islands swimming pigs.  Yachties from around the world come to the islands to see these famed pigs swimming in the crystal clear waters.  There are even boat tours that take tourists out to see the pigs.

Before boats even drop their anchor these aquatic hogs are already paddling their ways out to in hopes of treats.  Unlike an ordinary pig that will gladly gobble down all manner of slop, from leftover vegetables to eggshells, these pigs have refined tastes.  Like a picky little kid fruits and vegetables hold no interest for them.  Fresh bread, on the other hand.  That is worth paddling out to a yacht for.

Contribution from, Sally Kay, a Globe Hacker producer. Also visit Sally at: SALLY IN THE GALLEY.

Photos from Producer, Sally Kay. Never doubt that she can cook delicious things.