Interviews with visionaries focused on solutions.

We talk with people who have broad perspectives, a long view of history, and are concerned about future generations. "What Why How" asks three questions - Questions that aren't as simple as they seem. We'll discuss values, the potential "universal goods" that come from values, AND OUR HOPES FOR THE FUTURE.

What do you want?

We mean this in a broad way. What do you want for the world, for your family, for your community, for the future of humanity?

Why do you want it?

This question gets at motivations, values and identity. Knowing the answer to this question means you're leading a well examined life. "Why" is a question that can take many of us decades to come to terms with. 

While examining your beliefs have you ever asked yourself where those beliefs came from? 

How are you going to get there?

This is the practical question, where we learn different ways of achieving our goals. Methods, processes, techniques, tools, businesses, institutions, organizations and activities are discussed as we uncover vital solutions to the pressing challenges of our time.