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Globe Hackers are people with an up-to-date understanding of our world, and a long term view of human potential. We are visionaries focused on solutions.

Constructing a new worldview from the pillars of our past. We must never forget the shoulders upon which we stand. Below are three stellar globe hackers. we can learn much from them and create even more from our understanding of their thought and how they lived their lives.



Epicurus was an ancient Greek philosopher who understood that pleasure is not just about feeling good.

Without a healthy world in which healthy people can thrive we can not hope to have a better future. We have made so much progress in the domains of science, engineering, technology and ideas, and yet we face life-threatening challenges today as in the past.

Understanding how to thrive is a global project for all of humanity.  

There are many things that make our planet unique, and one thing, regardless of our human differences, connects us all - our oceans.

Sailing is a humbling, exhilarating, and challenging experience. From ancient times, it has been a major mode of exploration, opportunity for trade, expansion, and conquest. The sea holds a romance and history that defines the human spirit.

Exploration, independence, adventure, power, both natural and human, combined with an indomitable spirit has been the foundation of human progress across domains throughout our history. Nothing embodies these qualities more than the seafaring person. 

Anyone in love with the sea is horrified by what is happening to our oceans today. We must unite to maintain the health of our natural ecosystems so that they can sustain a wealth and diversity of life for generations to come. 

Marcus Aurelius 

Marcus Aurelius was a second century CE Roman Emperor and follower of the stoic school of philosophy. 

Globe Hackers understand that stoicism is really about resilience and moral character. We know it's much more than merely keeping cool under pressure or taking a good beating without complaint.

Its four cardinal virtues are courage, equanimity, self-control, and wisdom.

Practicing stoicism can help us become anti-fragile

As the old adage goes, fall down seven times and stand up the eighth. 

"How To Be A Stoic" by Massimo Pigliucci

10 Things The Stoic Can Teach You About Being A Happier Person

Globe hackers are adept at finding ways to do what they really want to do, within the law, of course, anywhere they want, and by any means.

Globe Hackers are creative, curious and resilient people who don't give up easily and are always looking for the right solutions to complex problems.

They consider themselves citizens of the world and enjoy feeling connected to people across culture, age, race, creed, and other divides.

Most of all, Globe Hackers think they can.  

Humanity's dream to fly had existed for thousands of years, its eventual realization made us godlike as we went from transatlantic solo flights to moon landings. The Space Shuttles, the Hubble Space Telescope, Pioneer 10, computer technology, satellites, and antenna arrays are helping us explore our Universe in greater detail than ever before. 

Although we have made great progress, it's time for us to develop new social systems for humanity that will facilitate a transition to sustainable modes of living as part and parcel of nature, and as citizens of Earth. 

Flight has allowed us to see ourselves and our place in the Universe in completely new ways.

Flight also epitomizes modern travel.

Jeremy Bentham

We can improvise a solution for selfish reasons, or we can develop solutions to improve life for everyone. These kinds of judgements depend on one's values. What incentivizes us to do the right thing? 

Jeremy Bentham, a paragon of utilitarian thinking refined ideas from many great philosophers before him, and through his brilliant work, has influenced political philosophy, international law and many other domains.

There are many great thinkers alive now who have stood on the shoulders of giants and continue to refine great ideas from the past.

We have the tools within our minds to solve our problems: reason, logic, scientific processes and methodologies, and our emotional fervor.

Solving complex problems today requires a healthy understanding of our intellectual history, and a firm grasp of critical thinking skills. 

The Urban Dictionary's second definition of "Hacker" states:

"A person (usually possessing thorough knowledge in no single field), who is talented at devising superficial "fixes," which are nothing more than auxiliary work-arounds for problems which eventually have to be solved "correctly" by a "trained professional." 

Hackers are self-motivated, and learn through experimentation and persistence, as opposed to through "traditional" means. 

Computer hackers do not completely fit this definition. Due to the high artificiality of computer technology itself, computer hackers must be highly knowledgeable before they can implement their first successful "hack." For them, "hacks" are the product of brilliant insight and thorough investigation, rather than the talent and natural law that go with hacking in more humanity-driven fields, such as entertainment or sports. 

Chess masters have a similar level of mental discipline, although many hackers tend to lack the attention span necessary to be good at chess."

“When I was very young and the urge to be someplace else was on me, I was assured by mature people that maturity would scratch this itch. When years described me as mature, the remedy prescribed was middle age.In middle age I was assured greater age would calm my fever and now that I am fifty-eight perhaps senility will do the job. Nothing has worked. Four hoarse blasts of a ship's whistle still raise the hair on my neck and set my feet to tapping. The sound of a jet, an engine warming up, even the clopping of shod hooves on pavement brings on the ancient shudder, the dry mouth and vacant eye, the hot palms and the churn of stomach high up under the rib cage. In other words, once a bum always a bum. I fear this disease incurable. I set this matter down not to instruct others but to inform myself....A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find after years of struggle that we not take a trip; a trip takes us.”    John Steinbeck

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Revolution is a feature documentary about opening your eyes, changing the world and fighting for something. A true life adventure following director Rob Stewart in the follow up to his hit Sharkwater, Revolution is an epic adventure into the evolution of life on earth and the revolution to save us.
Discovering that there’s more in jeopardy than sharks, Stewart uncovers a grave secret threatening our own survival as a species, and embarks on a life-threatening adventure through 4 years and 15 countries into the greatest battle ever waged.

Bringing you some of the most incredible wildlife spectacles ever recorded, audiences are brought face to face with sharks and cuddly lemurs, into th...art’s journey reveals a massive opportunity, as activists and individuals all over the world are winning the battle to save the ecosystems we depend on for survival. Presenting the most important information on human survival and inspiring people all over the world to fight for life, Revolution is essential viewing for everyone. Startling, beautiful, and provocative, Revolution inspires audiences across the globe to join the biggest movement in history that’s rising to the challenge of saving our world.

Revolution premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and has already gone on to win ten awards, including the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Atlantic Film Festival, Most Popular Environmental Film Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Victoria Film Festival and the Social Justice Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

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