Globe Hackers: Networks of solutions-oriented people and organizations solving the critical problems of our time. 

Science, reason, logic, and complex social values are the tools that will help humanity find solutions to 21st Century problems. The great human enterprise is at the heart of almost every crisis we are facing. We can only overcome the world's problems through international cooperation, ingenuity and wisdom.

Today we are facing a perfect storm:

  • Nuclear weapons proliferation, and the dismantling and disposal of existing nuclear arsenals

  • Climate change

  • The sixth extinction, and deminishing global biodiversity

  • The destruction of natural wildlife habitat, rainforests, oceans, water resources

  • Maintaining biodiversity 

  • A host of values-laden social ills stemming from our current global socio-economic system

Many have argued that the problems we are facing today developed since the advent of fossil fuels and the many amazing technologies that were powered by them. Guns, germs, steel, fossil fuels, nitrogen fixing, machines and monoculture evolved into the eventual economic power of commodification which helped to create a world of amazing abundance, but not without costs. 

It's ironic, but due to our inventiveness and enterprising nature we may now be facing our own extinction. The earth and the universe may not miss us, but it's hard for us to imagine a family without a future. Our minds play many tricks on us. We are very good at rationalizing away and ignoring pressing issues until it becomes too late. We are easily distracted by many things. We may not be well suited to the complexities that our intellect has uncovered and begun to understand. Human culture has faced many close calls. Right now we are on the precipice. 

Each of the above challenges is complex and life-threatening by itself. When taken together, this incomplete list of challenges, will require a completely new worldview and way of life to emerge if we are going to overcome them. We can't just rearrange certain components of our current way of life and expect to succeed. 

Globe Hackers believe we have come too far to fail now. The universe is at our doorstep. We have the power to understand more about nature and existence than any other creature we now know of.  

Globe Hackers is a global movement of networked and flexible people and organizations committed to solving problems.   Globe Hackers share and match resources to projects that can transform our world. Globe Hackers are members of movements around the world committed to ensuring a sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for humankind.  

The perfect team develops from an active, always evolving group of committed individuals sharing a common vision.

Steven C. Horn, Executive Producer / Globe Hacker

I'm an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur, and producer at The Muse Films Ltd. in Hong Kong. I founded Globe Hackers Multimedia Ltd. in 2014 because I wanted to produce content that might help social entrepreneurs, inventors, activists and other like-minded people committed to making a difference in the world get their message out. I'm also hoping to develop a network of forward thinking, solutions oriented people who can help others find resources for worthy projects and the right people to help make it happen.

So far this is a very personal journey. I'm hoping others will join me on this adventure. Regardless, I'll continue to reach out to people focused on solutions and tell their stories the best that I can.

I've been traveling since he was a zygote (a cheeky way of saying since I was still in my mother's womb). I've worked in advertising, entertainment, technology and other ventures over a rollicking 35 year span while living in 7 different countries. Now, most of all, I simply loves spending time with inspired people who are focused on the future and expressing themselves through moments lived well.

My mission is to talk with the "Globe Hackers" of our time and share with everyone who will listen the innovative solutions that will ensure continued human evolution here on Earth, and perhaps, someday far in the future, elsewhere in the Universe. I'm simpatico with people like Peter Singer who are working towards expanding the circle of compassion and understanding across species of life on earth, and towards an expanding ecology of empathy and integration. 

For me, Globe Hackers is a full-time, life-long vocation.

Please contact me and get involved.