Join us as we examine the lives our intellectual heroes whose creative inquiries helped pioneer humanity's way forward across time and cultures.

Season Two

We'll be sailing in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea right up the Croatian coast, uncovering the history of  ancient thinkers, where their ideas came from, what motivated them and inspired them.

At each location we will invite public intellectuals, philosophers, academics, scientists, local leaders and business people to shed light on their intellectual heritage and their current concerns.

As long as there are inquisitive people exploring the depths and mysteries of our nature, philosophy will remain a vital part of the human experience. As long as we maintain a vigilant commitment to the rigors of scientific methodologies and best practices, we'll continue to uncover, describe and take positive advantage of our growing understanding of our Universe and ourselves. As long as we maintain emotional integrity, and a balanced understanding of the sacred nature of our wondrous world we'll make wise choices that will see us through the many challenges ahead. 

Human society is a complex emergent system requiring the discipline of clear thinking to avoid dangers inherent in our nature. Good decisions require lucid and correct thought processes. Globe Hackers make it a daily exercise to engage in activities that improve our thinking.

"The Happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius, Stoic and Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 CE


Statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback - Rome

Statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback - Rome

EXCERPT from "Meditations"

XXI. Try also how a good man's life; (of one, who is well pleased with those things whatsoever, which among
the common changes and chances of this world fall to his own lot and share; and can live well contented and
fully satisfied in the justice of his own proper present action, and in the goodness of his disposition for the
future:) will agree with thee. Thou hast had experience of that other kind of life : make now trial of this also.
Trouble not thyself any more henceforth, reduce thyself unto perfect simplicity. Doth any man offend? It is
against himself that he doth offend: why should it trouble thee? Hath anything happened unto thee ? It is well,
whatsoever it be, it is that which of all the common chances of the world from the very beginning in the series
of all other things that have, or shall happen, was destinated and appointed unto thee. To comprehend all in a
few words, our life is short; we must endeavour to gain the present time with best discretion and justice. Use
recreation with sobriety. XXII. Either this world is a kosmoz or comely piece, because all disposed and
governed by certain order: or if it be a mixture, though confused, yet still it is a comely piece. For is it
possible that in thee there should be any beauty at all, and that in the whole world there should be nothing but
disorder and confusion? and all things in it too, by natural different properties one from another differenced
and distinguished; and yet all through diffused, and by natural sympathy, one to another united, as they are?